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Post  kamander on Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:15 pm

I agree on the Kim/Lina fight. It looked like they slipped Lina some roofies before the fight.
My theory (trying to look on the bright side) is that they put on this fight to show just how good Carano is (though she didn't look very good at this event - is she pregnant?).
I don't think Kim actually hit Lina in the groin, but those knees were on the belt line.

I thought Ludwig won the fight 29-28. Why do you think Edwards won the fight? Which rounds and what did he do to win? I would hate to have to watch this again.

Bas Rutten commentary is a joke.

Cung Lee would tear Scott Smith apart. Given the chance, he could beat everyone up to about top 3-5.
Dana would never give Cung a fight unless Cung signed a multifight deal with the UFC (which could happen) and tore up his debut opponent (which would happen).

Regarding the contract issue, Dana doesn't stick with anyone who doesn't make them money. Fitch made a big mistake. This is exactly the type of thing that cause inspire an mass exodus (mass being relative) and increse competition. Check out my man Nic's article: [url= ]The Dickensian Aspect: Jon Fitch, Dana White, and Power Plays in MMA[/url] (written before Fitch caved).

I certainly wouldn't want Leben representing the US, but then I don't watch TUF anymore.

I would like to see Randy/Chuck 4 because Randy will beat Chuck at HW or LHW. Randy is greatly improved since their last fight and Chuck is diminished. Chuck would also lose against Griffin, Machida, Franklin, and many other LHW strikers.

Werdum should definitely sign with Affliction, but Affliction should not sign Werdum. He's a boring and over rated fighter.

I posted it here before, I don't think Cropcop will rematch Overeem.

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