Howdy, TLOS fans.

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Howdy, TLOS fans. Empty Howdy, TLOS fans.

Post  Jake Amdahl on Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:14 am

Hey, My name is Jake and I just wanted to introduce myself here in this forum. TLOS is a great thing to listen to, but I have never really gotten into posting much of anything on the myspace. I'm glad the forum is around because it seems like it'll be a better place for the listeners to discuss mma than myspace would be. Easier to follow the current posts and less bogged down, I think.

Anyway, Right now I spend the majority of my time going to college and working. I work out and try to learn as much as I can in mma but I had to quit the last gym I was at. It was too expensive and too far away so gas was killing me. Right now I just hit the bag in my basement and go to karate where we do some jits drills and such. I also dabble in the guitar and I do a lot of writing. I'm looking forward to having some conversations with some more competent fans of this sport through this site. My friends are the classic fools who just sit back and scream "Arm bar! Arm bar! Hammer fist!" while watching the fights because, let's face it....Those are the only terms they know. (that include when the fighters are on their feet, btw)
Jake Amdahl
Jake Amdahl

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Howdy, TLOS fans. Empty Re: Howdy, TLOS fans.

Post  Mortis on Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:22 pm

lol.. ARMBAR! HAMMERFIST! That's great... I guess it's better than FOOT STOMP! FOOT STOMP! FOOT STOMP! As I have heard before.

Welome to the board, Jake!

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