The Cody's Thoughts On UFC Fight Night 17?

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The Cody's Thoughts On UFC Fight Night 17?

Post  The Cody on Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:41 am

Dude I have to admit, at first glance of the fight card it doesnt look too exciting but man that had to be one of the most exciting UFC Fight Nights yet (still not as exciting as the one where Diego Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan Headlined still think that is the best one ever). Joe Lauzon vs Jeremy Stephens was a back n forth fight, at one point I thought Jeremy was going to take this fight but then Lauzon took control and then just controled Stephens very impressively. But what a finish to the fight, Lauzon hit that armbar like lighting and what about Stephens almost exploding out of it, but I think he shot himself in the foot because he tapped after he put his arm in a worse position. But I think Stephens showed that if he put more training under his belt I think Stephens would be a force, Franca is an animal but I think Stephens should maybe go to A.K.A or Xtreme Couture cause I see a fighter of the future in Stephens. Still if it was Lauzon vs Franca I saw that being alot diffrent.

How about Cain Velasquez, even thought it was against an unknown opponent I think that was his best performance yet, but not a very exciting finish though. But what about Dennis Stoijnic he seemed like that was his first MMA fight ever, he had his head back when he struck and he was VERY predictable in his movements but I admit he was game though. I think Cain is ready for tougher competition, I say Cain should face the winner of Gonzaga vs Carwin what you think?

Dude, I have to give a round of applause for Josh Neer that was the best Josh Neer we have seen in any of his mixed martial arts bouts. Mac Danzig was flat out getting his ass handed to him dude I was up cheering, after the first few minutes I was going for Neer cause he showed he learned something from his fights with the Diaz brothers cause he started to talk alot of crap and it started to work. He rocked Danzig several times and then capitalized on a HUGE mistake Danzig made by getting to wild and locked in a beautiful triangle choke and signaled to the referee that it was over and he was right. If he sharpens up his striking a little bit, he could be more of a gatekeeper in the UFC cause with the stacked divison I dont see him being a contender but he might whoop some of the up and comers. I say Josh Neer and Joe Lauzon together that should be a great fight, but I still want to see the Joe Lauzon vs Nate Diaz fight but I dont see that happening for some reason.

Finally, Anthony Johnson moving up the ranks I have to say I thought this fight would go on alot longer because Luigi Fiorvanti is very experienced and it took even Diego Sanchez a while to stop him (of course he was much bigger than Diego). Still I dont think Anthony Johnson has fought any top competition. The fight I want to see is Anthony Johnson against Mike Swick, I think that would be a fight of the year candidate I hope they put it together it will truly show us where Anthony Johnson is at in skill level, he looks like he has tremendous skills which he does but we have to see it against A competiton.

All in all great night of fights, cant wait for UFC 95.
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