Out of town at a bad time

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Out of town at a bad time

Post  Blue on Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:59 pm

Every summer I do a couple of things with my church. Last week I was gone all week, being a counselor at a camp. I have been back this week but I am leaving again to go to Arizona. We are gonna go down to the Navajo Nation and do some projects around the reservation to help some people. We are gonna be fixing one person plumbing, rebuilding a roof for another person and digging some trenches for some water lines to be put into someone else's house.

Unfortunately, I am leaving at like 3am on Saturday morning.... Sad

So I am totally gonna be in the middle of the desert and not gonna be able to watch the fights.

I am so bummed. Try to get some good video of it up on the site. But keep up for a while cuz I won't be back for a week.


Have some great shows, JDH and Chris. I hope the live blog goes well. I think my brother is gonna be with you guys during it. I hope. I been trying to get him interested in your show for a while.

Anyway, have a great week.



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