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Post  kamander on Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:01 pm

TLOS gang,

I'm a big fan of your show and I tell all my friends and MMA raters about it.
I don't think there were any top 10 fights in this card, but be sure to rate the fights here. If you've never rated fights, its as easy as clicking the stars.

I give you guys some grief for being biased and you had your bias on full display in your pick of Leben over Bisping. On the positive, at least you're "loyal".

Regarding Bisping's win over Leben: "that reach" what are you kidding? How about Leben sucks. I have to think that Leben COULD fight better if he wanted to, but he doesn't. He shows absolutely no defensive standup. I don't know why Leben and Lytle want to emulate Don Frye in this day in age of MMA. The only skills Leben shows is his ability to make the best of a bad situation in his post fight interview. What fighter other than Leben gets so many post fight interviews after they loose?

Regarding Bisping vs. Franklin: the best thing about this is getting Franklin back to 185, and if it takes an easy win to do it, I'm okay with that. Bisping has shown that he has about the same chance of beating a Franklin (or Henderson) as Franklin has of beating Silva (what does that say about Leben?).
I mostly tuned out to your TUF talk. I watched the first two episodes this season, but that's it. I like what they did these past two seasons with the 32 fighter elimination, but we can see that the show is much less relevant and we will not see most of these fighters in future UFCs. Since I have little interest in the manufactured drama there's nothing left for me in TUF. Note that if the show was relevant I would still watch it and enjoy "getting to know" the fighters in a real (not manufactured) way.

Regarding Brandon Vera, I think he's a perfect example of the hype train. What did Vera ACTUALLY do? That said I agree, "no excuses please".

Regarding Lytle: I don't think Lytle should get any props for this win. He definitely left it up to the judges and could have easily lost the decision. I may be in the minority, but I want to see skilled fighters. I don't think anyone deserves to be called "a good fighter" because they can take a shot and gladly display that ability.

I think Lytle he could beat Davis, but not based on the way the two fought in this fight. Davis showed excellent head movement and should be able to get out of Lytle's winging shots.

Regarding Neil Wain: Is it odd that the UFC would matchup Win after what they said about Roy Nelson (props for mentioning the Roy Nelson standup).

Regarding Nogueira: Rogerio??? that's low.

Regarding Japanese MMA competing with the UFC: Just a note on how the two promotions have performed: Out of 5 stars, Segoku averages 2.54 stars over 5 events, and Dream averages 3.59 stars over 6 events. That is a big difference. We'll see how well Sengoku 6 does. It certainly looks like their best card so far.

Meanwhile the UFC averages 3.71 stars over 10 events (3.49 stars over 15 events including fight nights).
(If you don't agree with these results, let me know by rating the events at MMA Ratings).

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