Sending Chris and the JDH some Shandy Bass.

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Sending Chris and the JDH some Shandy Bass.

Post  Emericanaddict on Fri May 01, 2009 3:36 pm

Chris and the JDH i have a proposition for you two fine young men. Ive found a way to send you guys some Shandy Bass the only problem is it'll cost me over 30 dollars or about 24 pounds hear in the UK due to the shipping to America.

That's to send 4 cans so you can both have one to drink and then 2 extra to give to the wife's or maybe just let Chris experiment with if he really feels the need to fruit a Shandy even further. Chances are im going to send them to you guys anyways but if you wanted to send me a shirt for compensation I wouldnt mind either.

Probably won't be able to send them till the end of next week but like I said im gonna find a way to hook you guys up im making it a personal mission of mine regardless of of the shirt or costs I WILL GET YOU GUYS THE SHANDY. It's just a matter of convincing my wife that it's a good idea hahaha.

If any of you guys on the forum know of any other way to send it to the guys for a bit cheaper let me know because i can only find one site that will do it in all honesty and it's called the British Corner Shop.

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Re: Sending Chris and the JDH some Shandy Bass.

Post  The JDH on Sat May 02, 2009 3:26 am

Emericanaddict YOU ARE THE MAN!

If you get us the Bass/Shandy we will definitley get you a TLOS Shirt!


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