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Pics with fighters! Empty Pics with fighters!

Post  Mortis on Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:53 pm

If you have pics with fighters, post 'em here! Smile

My friends, Chris, Brandon, and I with Randy Couture - March 2008 @ Xtreme Couture in Independence, MO

Pics with fighters! L_ebbcc2f7d63ac66a3231bd45f3a694ef

I've met Chuck Liddell once before as well, back in December 2006 at a bar in Omaha, but I was working (at the time I was having people take smoking surveys in bars), and didn't have a camera with me :-/.. I was surprised to see him walk in.. apparently he was in town helping a friend promote something or something. I just said "hey" to him and shook his hand. He was a pretty cool guy.

Randy Couture was pretty freakin' awesome! Quiet, soft spoken, and very humble guy. You can tell he was tired, but he was glad to be there and meet his fans. His wife was there as well, and she is very beautiful and very nice as well! She loved talking to people, and complimented me on my Punisher t-shirt Very Happy

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Pics with fighters! Empty Re: Pics with fighters!

Post  Alex on Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:41 am

Hard Rock - Las Vegas (Yes! I'm drunk.)
[img]Pics with fighters! MeChuck[/img]

Staples Center - Los Angeles, CA (UFC 60 Gracie vs. Hughes)
[img]Pics with fighters! Meandrandy[/img]

Honda Center - Anaheim, CA (Afflicition - Banned!)
Pics with fighters! IMG00088b

The first MMA fighter I ever met was Chuck Liddell. The night he knocked out Randy to take the 205 title. Oddly enough, that was at Hard Rock - Las Vegas also! It's true. Chuck likes to party. I ran in to him again the night of the finale for TUF 2. (Evans/Stevenson) That's where that first photo was taken. Chuck was so cool. He took pictures with all my friends and we stood by the bar and chatted for a good 5-10 minutes. Guy was awesome!

I guess I'm lucky. I live in SoCal which is kind of a hotbed for MMA. Plus I visit Vegas a few times a year. Here's a list of other fighters I met and spoke to.

Joe Stevenson - Hard Rock - Las Vegas (Night he won TUF 2)
Tito Ortiz - Hard Rock - Las Vegas (Kind remember exact date, but was pre Jenna)
Rob Emerson - Los Angeles Coliseum (K1-Hero's Dynamite!! USA) (Saw Brock Lesnar's MMA debut at this event)
Rampage Jackson - Los Angeles Coliseum (K1-Hero's Dynamite!! USA) (This was right after he beat Chuck for the title)

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